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Alabama vs Auburn Live stream. Alabama Football: Auburn History, the Nick Saban Era

 Alabama vs Auburn Live streamred

These friends would cheer against the Crimson Tide, McWhorter said, because Alabama was “such an awful state,” a place only a few years removed from Jim Crow that had repeatedly elected the segregationist George Wallace as its governor. But McWhorter, who later won the Pulitzer Prize for a book about the civil rights movement in her hometown of Birmingham, could not help herself. She rooted for the Tide.

Nick Saban’s impact on Alabama football is immense. To fully appreciate it, look back to the Alabama vs. Auburn series the ten seasons before Saban. From 1997-2006 the Alabama football record against Auburn was three wins and seven losses. Never before had Auburn won seven of ten games against the Tide. The primary architect of that Auburn domination was Tommy Tuberville.

The crosshatching of political and social developments against college football dominance has been a feature of Alabama life for nearly a century. The Crimson Tide’s emergence onto the national scene in the 1920s coincided with the Ku Klux Klan’s resurgence in the state. In the 1960s, football provided Alabamians a welcome point of pride during the tumult of the civil rights era.

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